Individual Taxes

Not sure what filing status is best for you? Whether it is Head of Household of Married Filing Single or Jointly - We are here to help you chose the filing status that best meets your needs as well as maximize your eligible tax credits and deductions.

Business Taxes

We know how hectic running a business can be. No matter what type of business you run from a Sole proprietorship to an S-Corp we are here to ensure that your business receives all of the qualifying tax credits you are eligible for and maximizes any and all deductions based on your specific business functions.

Credit Restoration

Are you looking to purchase a home? A new car? Or just tired of paying those high interest rates? Maybe getting declined when applying for credit? Well no need to worry, if your credit needs repairing or you just need to increase your score - we are here to assist you. All of your credit solutions are just one phone call away.

Budgeting & Debt Elimination

Are you ready to take control of your financial future? If so, we are here to assist. We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation in order to gain a full perspective of your financial situation. Once we are clear on your financial goals we will develop a strategy to tackle your debt and provide you with a realistic budget that will empower you in achieving those financial goals.


We speak Spanish and we are happy to assist you with all of your tax needs, whether it be federal, state, individual or business we are here to guide you from start to finish.

Notary Services

Notary services available upon request 


Alejandro Santos
Miami, Fl.

At Rolle, Locke & Key they gave me the option of having my taxes done virtually - which saved me alot of time. And the best part is ellos  HABLAN ESPANOL!
I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends!

-L. Allen

I am a repeat customer and my experience was great. The RLK Wealth MGMT Group services were on time and thorough. They will walk you through the tax process step by step and can provide other services on how to build wealth and financial independence.

-Lydia B.

The rapport with Alana is so easy, I feel my concerns heard and sources to address issues feel attainable. Great flow to presentations.

- Juan Moreno

Debra!!! She is awesome. She is very sharp explaining everything in a way the customer fully understands her mind, best guide! She helped me get my taxes straight, I like her guidance! She found time to call me multiple times and make sure I was okay in every way! I really love Her tips to find balance within myself! She has a golden heart. I highly recommend you to hire her if you want to be on the right track with your needs. She will guide you through and take care of you!

-Giovani Henry

Very welcoming! Well educated and I always receive valuable information. God bless this company!

-Katie V.

Alana shared a wealth of knowledge regarding social media marketing for new businesses in her easy to understand workshop. She is articulate, knowledgeable, and professional and her warm, happy personality spreads positivity and joy! Thank you Alana!


Thanks for giving me the confidence Alana and Debbie to start my career as a coach! I am feeling positive about it now! 

 - Theddis Akins

Debra is the truth in every way! She has done my taxes for the past 2 years and she puts her ALL in her business! She is one who will work with you to get you what you need and inform you along the way so you can know the game. Debra has turned into more than just a tax professional for me, she is my dear friend and mentor who has helped me grow since our very first interaction 2 years ago. Without a doubt, I HIGHLYYYY recommend getting your tax done by this Queen. She will make sure you get all that you deserve and then some!! I love you genuinely Debra

-XOXO Kelli

What positive energy and insights you both have shared. Thank you so very much. Grateful to have connected with this loving Community! See you next time!

 -ReKena Smith

I saw some posts on Instagram about taxes and wealth management which led me to believe that rlkwealthmgmt was knowledgeable and could potentially help me with my situation. I reached out to Debra to ask some questions and to my surprise she was not only knowledgeable, she was an expert. Debra was professional, kind and patient. She was not judgmental about my knowledge base and made me feel so comfortable. I was immediately impressed with the fact that there is a secure site where you can upload your documents at your own pace. Debra did not mind taking extra time if needed to make sure everything was covered. My return was submitted with success. I am very thankful for her and have told others about how awesome RLK is. God Bless them.

-Yvette Porter

I did my taxes with RLK for the first time last year. I plan to use them EVERY year going forward. I absolutely loved the attention and expert advice that was given to me. My tax person was very knowledgeable and made me aware of things I otherwise would not be aware of. She made sure I understood what I was signing. The portal is a huge deciding factor for me. I can create folders and organize them any way I like. I can SAFELY upload all of the documents to my portal to submit to the company. I can go into my portal at any time to review the documents for any year I like. I NEVER had this with anyone else that prepared my taxes. This company is EXTREMELY professional and the customer service is OUTSTANDING!

-Jimara Micario

Absolutely grateful for this company! I'm so Blessed to be working with Rolle, Locke & Key. When I need guidance to accomplish my goal... I can count on this great company to assist me. Thank you guys for all the hard work and dedication. This is more than a company, this is Family !

I had an absolutely amazing time talking with Alana Rollock. She provided me with some coaching sessions. I had some time and we talked about the challenges I have with being a mom, wife and a business owner. Alana helped me realize some great ideas to help me balance my busy lifestyle.

I want to Thank Alana for helping me see the light in the tunnel. I will make sure to implement these ideas in the near future.

Thank you